WASH – Water Tank Pour

Today on site we had a concrete pour for the walls of the underground enclosed water tank for WASH, (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene). To get to this stage we had already dug out a hole in the ground and poured a concrete base. A team had created form work around the placed rebar ready for the whole team to be able to complete todays pour.

Counting the mixes

Today also marks the week I’d decided to start a fundraising push to help me raise enough money for All Hands Volunteers to equal the price of 50 cement bags. My goal is to reach £325 within 10 days. That’s £6.50 a bag, or 9 USD or 900 NPR.

So with that in mind I wanted to share with you what happens on a cement pour and how we all pull together as a team to finish as quickly as possible. This pour took about 30 to 40 bags of cement to complete with a similar number of mixes.

To make the morning run smoothly the volunteers are split, those in front of the mixer and those behind. The jobs of those in front of the mixer revolved around the dry materials where they would shovel and shift the sand, gravel and cement needed for each mix. The mix team would collate this, (add in a waterproofing agent) and then mix.

The back team is then responsible for moving the wet mixed cement to its location, where some more volunteers and masons are waiting to receive it. In this instance we would wheelbarrow the mix to the form work, tip it and then the masons would vibrate it to ensure the concrete was evenly distributing around the form work.

I was moving the wet mix today, which isn’t easy. Especially if you get a full barrow in a broken wheelbarrow. Here is a little photo journey of my task.

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A couple of weeks later, we removed the forms and had to waterproof paint it all, which was not fun in such a tight space!

Waterproof Painting The Tank

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