Tailoring Some Clothes

There is a lovely lady in the village called Mitho, she has been washing our laundry and cleaning up our lunch dishes for us over the past year. In this time she has been saving up her earnings to buy herself a sewing machine. (Tailoring is in her family). It didn’t take long for a few of us to jump at the chance to ask her to make us items of clothing.

Martina and I took her several fabrics in the hope that she would make us a cholo, a traditional Nepali top. We were only there for 5mins tops, and all she took was our shoulder and arm length measurements, (without a tape measure). I also asked her to make me a kurta and suruwal, and again she took very few measurements for this.

2 days later we returned to find that she had already made them and that they fitted perfectly! We couldn’t believe it. It was like she had done it all by eye, the thing that baffled us most was how on earth she knew our chest measurements!

I was so impressed I went and purchased a new fabric to have a second top made. It didn’t take long but soon everyone was visiting her for items of clothing out of all sorts of materials including bed sheets. She must have thought we were all mad!

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