Shradha’s Wedding

Shradha is a wonderful lady who works for All Hands and I was lucky enough to be invited to her wedding. I was only able to attend one of her wedding events, but I had a great time and it was a nice insight into the world of Kathmandu weddings.

I started the day by getting ready at Roni’s house, where her mum helped dress me in my new saree.

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The wedding was held in a big venue, with lots of food, seats, drink and dancing going on. When we arrived we greeting Shradah before joining in the festivities.

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Marcodith…. The Wedding

So I don’t have too many photos of the wedding as I was too busy being Bridesmaidy. However, it was a wonderful day that perfectly fitted Meredith and Marcos personalities. I met all of their wonderful family and friends and had a really good day.

Here are some images I did take…

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The Wedding

The wedding was really beautiful and nothing like the ceremonies we have in the UK. In the morning a small prayer was held for Pooja that was attended by her close friends and family. Then that afternoon the wedding was held before the reception.

The reception was quite different to what we have in the UK. The bride, groom and family stood on a stage greeting a line of guest who came with congratulations and gifts before having a picture taken by one of the many photographers at the event. This whole process took about 4h, and we went and grabbed some food whilst we waited.

At the end of the night there was another small emotional event for the bride and grooms send off, where Pooja said goodbye to her friends and family before leaving with Abhishek.

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The sangeet celebrations were the first of the events to be shared by both the bride and grooms families. It was a night filled with music and dance, some of it choregraphed most of it spontaneous.

Some more dance photos/videos to follow..

Cocktail Party

Pooja’s cocktail party was held in a sky high bar on the 37th floor called EXO. It had beautiful views of Mumbai and we spent the evening eating, drinking and dancing.


(This was the only wedding event where alcohol was served)

Mehendi Party

One of the many celebrations leading up to Pooja’s wedding is the Mehendi party, mostly celebrated by the brides friends and family. It was an amazing night centred  around the application of henna, but there was also some great food, music and dance performances.