We Saw A Tiger!


We decided to stop over in Ramthambore a national tiger reserve park. We knew the chances of getting to see a tiger were extremely low, people go for 5 days and do 10 safaris and never get to see one.

We did both a morning and evening safari and both were so cold! Like English weather see your breath cold. On the morning safari we had to get up at 6am but were lucky enough to get a gypsy jeep, (smaller option with only 6 passengers). It was quiet and could nip around the park quite quickly. Our driver was brilliant and tracked down tiger right in the middle of an out of bounds track. The tiger was beautiful, so un-phased by us and happily resting.

In the afternoon we were less fortunate, our safari was in a canter, (20 passengers and a very bumpy vehicle). We could hear tigers near by but didn’t get a sighting. However this time we went on a different track to the morning and saw some other beautiful scenery and wildlife.

The other attraction in the park was another fort, inside were many religious temples including the oldest Ganesh Place of worship.


IMG_0063Jodhpur known as the blue city is the least touristy destination of the tourist spots in Rajasthan. It’s home of the Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Bhavns Palace.

We caught another overnight train, this time with 3 bunks and no curtains. After the struggle to get on to my top bunk I slept through until we arrived at Jodhpur. We had 3 full days here, but We both agreed that it could have been done in 1 or 2 days.

The Mehrangarh Fort was beautiful, it was owned and built by the Rajputs Royalty and the fort had never been penetrated. We took a walk up to the fort from the blue city and explored the walls of the fort, where the grounds and the views were stunning.

I had some great food here, my fav being palak paneer (spinach paneer curry). In the evenings we would sit on our hotels roof top with a lit up view of the fort, I also got some henna done here.

Umaid Bhavans Palace is half a hotel and the other half is lived in by the current reigning Rajputs. We sort of got to go inside the heavily guarded hotel which has the second largest dome in the country to the Taj Mahal.