Day Trip To Jalpa

It’s only taken me a year, but I finally got the chance to visit Jalpa, another school site that opened the same time as Bachchhala last year. This year they have reopened it to complete a WASH, (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) program for the school.  There is currently only a small team up working up there, so they sent a bunch of us on a day trip to help out with a big slab pour for the water storage tank.

Slab Pour

This trip involved a 5am start and a vehicle change to get us up to the village. Once there we got straight to work and completed the pour in about 3hour just before the most incredible lunch. The Jalpa site was beautiful, the team had been camping up on the hillside and had only a short walk to work each day.

BBQ Buff Stop

The work day was only half the fun and on our journey back we made a quick stop at the BBQ Buff place to treat ourselves before making our way back to Bachchhala in a gravel truck, (that another team had kindly filled up for us).

Return journey on the gravel truck

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Prithvi Wash

I got back to Nuwakot this week and found out that Prithvi had re-opened, (the same day I returned), for the completion of a WASH, (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) program. There was such a nice small group of volunteers that I said I was up for volunteering for a couple of days before I went back up to Bachchhala.

My Bee Sting

I spent one day on site…. loved it… got stung by a bee… had an allergic reaction to both the sting and the medication… then got knocked out of action for the week.

In total I must have spent about 2 weeks with the group and loved every minute of it. Not only did we have loads of fun on site, our evenings were normally quite eventful and our access to good food was plentiful.

On site we were constructing 3 things, a septic tank, soak pits and the toilet block. When I left we had finished the soak pits, almost finished the septic tank and had just started the walls to the toilet block. I think the project took about 6 weeks in total to complete.

My amazing Team

A special shout out to Team Exotic And Dances, (who may or may not have formed after my departure).

Prithvi WASH Team!

The Soak Pits

The excavator had already dug us out a nice pit, unfortunately it wasn’t deep, long or wide enough so we had to spend a few days digging away to move out the excess dirt.

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The Septic Tank

Luckily the hole for the septic tank was just right, mostly we just had to assist the masons by ensuring they had enough bricks and masala – lots of sand sifting and hand mixing in the heat!

The Toilet Block

I didn’t have a lot to do with this at the start as Neha and Karla did such a good job at tracing out the building ready for us to install rebar and pour the foundations. Again a lot of this work was masala mixing!

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I really enjoyed my time on site. The team was amazing, hard working and a lot of fun. We would eat snacks at chiya and get to order anything we wanted at lunch! – a luxury compared to Bachchhala. Chicken Kaja set was by far my favourite.

We also had our fair share of crazy locals who would pop up and lend a hand throughout the day.




Being close to the town our evenings were not as limited as they were up in Bachchhala. We could easily pick up great food, sometimes ordering take away and other times cooking for ourselves. (I even found ways to get free cheese!) Wojtek discovered the local tailor, Steph became a hairdresser, Nabaraj would dance the night away and Praj was… well Praj.

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I went back to Prithvi and took this picture of the completion. The team did an absolutely amazing job and it was a shame to leave them, however Bachchhala is my Nepali home and after a while it was calling me back.

Finished Site

Prithvi School Is Finished

The since being back in Nepal I have spent the week working towards the completion of the second school in the area, Prithvi.

We had the hand over yesterday where the principle put on a big celebration for the donors, school kids, masons and volunteers. It was a lovely occasion and a great way to hand over the school ready for it’s new life.

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This has given me a real drive to help work towards the completion of Bachchhala, the school I was at last year, hopefully i’ll be up there soon and I can share it’s progress.


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Nepali Bull Fight

I spent the day with Praj, Sushil and his family. I had food with his family before heading out on day trip to a bull fight carnival. Which was actually quite fun, and not as fast paced as I thought it would be. I didn’t understand a word of what was going on over the tannoy but had a really nice day with friends, I love that they really open up these local experiences to me.

Afterwards they took me out for food at the most amazing chicken tandoori restaurant. I love the food there.

5am Nepali Gym Session

Yep that’s right. Sushil, Praj, Udip and Michael had me up for a 5am gym session. I got up because I didn’t believe them and before I knew it they had me at  the local gym. But hey… Who wouldn’t want to go to the gym at 5am with these guys?

Nuwakot Durbar Square

On our day off we decided to take a walk up to the Nuwakot Durbar Square. Quite a challenging walk in the heat… (we should have gone earlier) but after about 3 hours of up hill walking we made it.

It was a wonderfully serene little community situated next to the Durbar Square, (royal palace). We took a look around, visited the temple, met the holi turtle and had a nice lunch before heading back down to the village.

Nuwakot Durbar Square

Nuwakot Durbar Square