Yoga Holiday – Patnem Beach, Goa

Upon coming to India I knew that I really wanted to try out a yoga retreat. I had so many options I just didn’t know where to start! I’m not really a beach person, but for some reason I had it in my head that I wanted to do my retreat by the sea. I thought I’d get bored, but there really was plenty to do around town and in the evenings.

A typical day involved me getting up at 7.30am for some breakfast. At 8.30am there was a mediation session, (I know what your thinking mum… but I fully embraced it), followed by a 9- 10.30am yoga session. I’d then spend the day swimming, reading and exploring the area before doing my evening yoga class, 4.30-6pm. We would then all watch the sunset before heading out to dinner. It was absolute bliss! I learnt so much from some of the best yoga teachers and I feel like I’ve vastly improved my yoga practice in such a short space of time

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Silent Disco

After a long hard week of yoga and sunbathing we fancied a bit of a change and headed to one of the many silent discos in southern Goa.


(Not the most flattering picture… But hey ho!)

My Secret Admirer

One of the beauties of being a fair skinned, blondish, solo travelling woman is all the lovely male Indian admirers I get.

This man asked me if It was my first day here.
Me – “Yes” (thinking he meant my first day on Patenem Beach)
Waiter – “I can tell most fair skins get a little bit black after one day here”
Me – “I’ve been in India for 4 weeks now”
Waiter – “Oh… you’ve not gone black yet?”