Chiang Mai, Round 2

Once the Songkran festivities had died down enough for us to stay relatively dry throughout the day, Larisse and I set out to explore the city.









We took a trip south west of the centre of city where we got ourselves a creepy massage, explored a tech mall and ventured around the 3D Art museum. That evening we headed to a ladyboy cabaret which was the most sparkly outgoing show I have ever seen.









The next day we decided we wanted to try our hand at some Mai Thai Boxing. It was the hardest workout I have ever done. To start with Larisse and I got lathered in a tiger balm oil by the lovely man pictured below, (Larisse definitely got a special whole body creepy treatment, I however just had my legs done). We then spent the whole afternoon doing some pretty intense training, by the end of it we were so tired and dehydrated it knocked us out for the evening!


Songkran 2015 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you’ve kept up to date with my comings and goings in Vietnam you’ll know that I impulsively decided to go back to Thailand to celebrate their new year.

Songkran festival is more commonly know amongst tourists as an annual Thai water fight. From the 13th – 15th April people take to the streets and throw water at each other to wash away any sins and bad luck. Many people also carry chalk to mark and bless those who walk past them.

I didn’t really put much thought into my plans but after a day’s travels and a wrong flight I eventually made it from Hanoi to Chiang Mai where I met up with a few friends. 

Larisse and Duncan had been here a few more days than I had, they already looked a bit fed up after the pre-festival water fights and well… I didn’t blame them! All you had to do was take one step outside the hotel and before you knew it you had a bucket of water over your head! 

Out guest house invited us on the back of their pick up truck so that we could be driven around the city wide water fight. We all thought this sounded great! We could do water fighting drive bys…. It wasn’t like that at all… We were slow moving targets for buckets of ice cold water, if we were lucky someone would through the lukewarm dirty river water at us. The novelty soon wore off very very quickly!

When we were on foot we did have quite a bit fun, Air Asia had a street water fight rave, we met so many locals and lots of western boys trying to prove their manlyness through their water fighting abilities!

At the end of each day when we’d had enough of the water fights, Larisse and I were so cold we would come home and share our only warm shower between us!


Muay Thai Boxing – Chiang Mai

I really enjoyed myself at the Muay Thai boxing. I got to see 7 matches, some male some female, each 5 rounds, with only the last 2 rounds of each match scored. There was also a show match with swords and a comedy match. The bets were double or nothing and I won on the few bets I did make. I just really wish I’d seen the boxing sooner as I would have loved to have spent a day doing some Muay Thai training.