So after picking my pumpkin earlier on in the week I finally got to carve it for Halloween!

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

We went out to visit Meredith and Marco’s friends, Whitney and Mathew, (who live in the middle of nowhere). We spent most of our evening carefully carving our pumpkins before heading out for the most amazing Chinese food. Then…. despite my grumbles I was taken to a fear farm maze… Being spooked by a man with a chainsaw in the pitch black whilst lost in a maze was not my cup of tea! However…. I did enjoy it and got a free hot chocolate at the end of it 🙂

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Niagara – Wine Tasting And The Falls

Today as a late Birthday treat, Meredith and I took a trip to Niagara. Our first stop was Niagara On  The Lake for a wine tasting bicycle tour. There aren’t too many pictures of this because as you can imagine we were more concerned with drinking than photo taking.

After our morning of fun we soon moved on to visit Niagara Falls. Which was an incredible site, however for reasons that escape both of us we decided to wait until night to take the boat tour, probably the cheesiest thing either of us have ever done together!

Apple & Pumpkin Picking

Just as I would love to go fruit picking in the summer, Meredith and Marco took me Autumn apple and pumpkin picking. (It’s pretty much the same as any fruit picking farm!) I’ve never seen so many pumpkins in anyone place. We were surrounded by groups of school kids but overall it was really good fun.

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Marcodith…. The Wedding

So I don’t have too many photos of the wedding as I was too busy being Bridesmaidy. However, it was a wonderful day that perfectly fitted Meredith and Marcos personalities. I met all of their wonderful family and friends and had a really good day.

Here are some images I did take…

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My Short Stay in Ottawa

On my mini trip I stopped over in the capital of Canada, Ottawa. I stayed a few nights in an old prison, which was really really creepy and then took in the sights and did some shopping.

What stuck me as the most interesting about Ottawa is that it felt like a mini London. Their parliamentary buildings looked very similar to ours in the UK.

I also took a trip to the National Gallery and fell in love with the indigenous art. I really wish I’d taken some pictures of it, or purchased a painting to take home.

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Overnight Megabus

I’ve spent a few days taking a short trip from Toronto to Montreal to Ottawa then back to Toronto. Travel isn’t as cheap as Asia so I opted for the public buses, an overnight Megabus from Toronto to Montreal, followed by a local bus between Montreal and Ottawa, then ending with an overnight Greyhound bus from Ottawa to Toronto.





Once I had reached Montreal the first thing I wanted to do was walk up Mount Royal to see the view from the city. This was easier said than done and I spent a ridiculous amount of time walking around in circles. The view was worth it though, absolutely stunning.

View From the Hill

One day I took the train out to Parc Jean-Drapeau to see Montreal’s F1 circuit. I hired a bicycle and spent the morning riding around the track, It didn’t take as long as I thought it would and I managed to narrowly miss the rain!

View from the F1 Track

F1 Track – Starting Grid








I did quite a bit during my visit, but my favourite thing to do was walking around the City. It was beautiful, the streets, the sights, it had greenery and a water front. The people were also so friendly and their french/english bilingual skills were fascinating, they could so effortlessly switch between languages. I could have defiantly spent longer here.

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No post about Montreal would be complete without me mentioning food. First off I headed to La Banquise to try the original Canadian dish called Poutine. The dish originates from Québec and is made with chips topped with cheese curds and gravy. I’ll have to admit… I wasn’t a fan. However the next day I continued on with my food quest and went to try out some of Montreal’s infamous smoked meat…. and I was not disappointed. It tasted amazing and I liked it so much I had 2 sandwiches!


Smoked Meat Sandwich