The Final Touches – Painting


There is only a few days to go and the pressure is on! Most of the work that is left includes touch ups, tidy ups and general prep of the site to have it nice and ready for hand over.

I spent most of my time during these days painting the staircases. Ginny and I must have done at least 7 coats of paint on both banisters combined. By the end of it we were pro’s and had a great little system going.

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This is the before and after of the second staircase, not only were we painting the banister a couple of other people were painting the walls around us. There was also even a clean up team trying to clean the same space we were working in.

Elsewhere on the site….

At times it  felt like there were so many people working on top of each other, but it did really work. Everyone could see what needed to be done and jumped in where needed. Towards the end we had a community sale where we offered excess materials and tools to the locals.

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