Day Trip To Jalpa

It’s only taken me a year, but I finally got the chance to visit Jalpa, another school site that opened the same time as Bachchhala last year. This year they have reopened it to complete a WASH, (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) program for the school.  There is currently only a small team up working up there, so they sent a bunch of us on a day trip to help out with a big slab pour for the water storage tank.

Slab Pour

This trip involved a 5am start and a vehicle change to get us up to the village. Once there we got straight to work and completed the pour in about 3hour just before the most incredible lunch. The Jalpa site was beautiful, the team had been camping up on the hillside and had only a short walk to work each day.

BBQ Buff Stop

The work day was only half the fun and on our journey back we made a quick stop at the BBQ Buff place to treat ourselves before making our way back to Bachchhala in a gravel truck, (that another team had kindly filled up for us).

Return journey on the gravel truck

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